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We had an afternoon trip out to see Stonehenge. After a few hours of walking around London in the cold and wet, we were happy to be on a warm bus for 2 hours. Our excitement to see one of these wonders of the world quickly diminished though when stepped out of the bus and we were sooo fricken cold!
We stuck it out as long as we could in the arctic breeze shooting across the paddocks, but when we could no longer feel our hands, we had to bail out to the café.
Stonehenge was cool, and seeing it did not reduce my feelings at all that there is a good chance that aliens built this ancient wonder and probably the pyramids too…. Lol

You can check out the photos HERE- note the one of how cold kate is!

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London so far

London so far has been sweet! Our first full day was huge. We spent time shopping and doing the bus tour to get our bearings. Kate was very unimpressed that she only spent 2.5pound in Primark! We found the supermarket for cheap food and alcohol and smashed down a few starters before meeting with our friend Fi.
Sunday was then one of the longest days every for Kate. She did well to still tour about the city with bouts of wanting to vom. We also got to see the London marathon finish which was cool but also a massive hinderance.
Today we went around St Pauls cathedral which was quite unbelievable in it size and detail. Over 500 steps/90 vertical meters to the top of the dome! Our legs are killing after all the walking today! Kates highlight was when a pigeon landed on my head when we were having a snack, she thinks im going to die from some sort of disease.
We also increase our cultured-ness by a small amount by visiting the National Gallery. We only walked around for 10min then we got bored and left... lol.

Photos can be found HERE.

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What a strange place. We arrived in Dubai at 6am local time after a 15hr flight overnight. It was very hazy - as was I. I probably slept an hour of the whole flight. Kate faired a little better than I in the sleep department though only a little.
We got to our room and showered and headed out for the day, and with our eyes hanging out of our heads we were clear targets for being ripped off by every taxi we caught.
Everything in Dubai is on a large scale but has very little charm to the place. The haze that severely limited our view and filled our lungs with dust probably didnt help.
Our first stop was Ski Dubai. Set inside one of their massive shopping centre, it didnt open until 9am and we were there by 8. Kate chose not to snowboard, and i chose to go without gloves. Poor decision. On my first run i had to adjust my binding in -3 degrees. After an hour of hitting the slopes i decided that i couldnt feel my fingers sufficiently enough to call it a day.
We stopped by the Burj Al Arab (Sail building) but were only allowed to the gate on the mainland a couple of hundred meters from the building.
Next we went to the shopping centre where the Burj Kalifa is located. We spent a few hours here wasting time till we were booked to head up to the viewing platform. The shopping centre has the worlds largest indoor fish tank and the largest dancing water fountain out the front.
The Burj Kalifa was a clear standout, no pun intended....
It stands at over 800m tall and is very impressive. We went to the viewing deck on level 124 which is only 2/3 of the way up and everything is still dwarfed. It did really show that Dubai is only a half finished city though. The road infrastructure is complete everywhere but there are massive empty blocks everywhere and construction on many more.

We were glad to check it all out but happy enough to not go back until my net worth is over 10 million so i can take advantage of all that Dubai offers.

Now another 7hr flight....

Check the photos here

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The last bit of waiting


We're all packed and ready to go - i think... Bags both weigh in at 12kg with a bit of space left plus one carry on. Doesn't seem like alot to last 6 months. I usually bring this much stuff down to Ballina for the weekend!

We both has send off drinks on Friday arvo which was great. I got pretty smashed which made the unit clean-out on Saturday a bit harder. A very tiring day and got down to Ballina at 8pm.

Now we get to relax until we fly on Wednesday...


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Nearly nearly....

Last week at home

Another big weekend - Easter and our going away party with family. This following the wknd befores effort of a 13hr pub crawl with all our friends.
Only 4 more working days left to get through. Hopefully it will be busy so it will fly by. Thanks to everyone who helped with either party or attended, we have had a ball!

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